My paintings reflect the images that I see in my daily life: my family, friends, my travels, what I read, and what I hear.  Fragments of images, whether captured through photographs, my sketches, or my memory often serve as the basis for my work.  Textures, color palettes, and themes surface, evolve, and disappear.  A dominant theme will often provide a transition between various series before fading out.  Sometimes themes reappear; sometimes not.


Over time, I have found myself drawn to certain symbols and motifs: birds, insects, and botanicals; women's bodies in various states; lunar cycles; numbers and words; textiles.  These snippets form a backbone for the various media I experiment with, whether encaustic, acrylic, paper, or other mixed media.  I don't think of my photographs as my primary artistic medium as much as a visual stimulus, but I have included some photographs as exemplars of the types of images that inform my past and current work.